Imagination for hire
About Us

Imagine an agency that was willing to cut through all the mysteries surrounding graphic design, advertising, marketing, and public relations, across all media channels; imagine an agency that made it easy to access these disciplines and made them work for you, not against you.

We Offer You...

... an agency driven by the need for success; an agency that knows the measure of this, is the success of its clients, not how many gongs it picks up at award dinners.

We will never claim to know your market, your customers, your brother or your business as well as you do. But, we will listen intently, question rigorously, research diligently and comment thoughtfully.

We will never lose sight of what it is we are seeking to achieve when we work with you; we know the most important aim of any work we undertake is to sell more products or services, to more people, more often, for more profit - full stop. It doesn't matter whether your market is internal or external or whether you seek charitable donations; it's still selling, let's not get squeamish, we all know it; it's just we're brave enough to say it.

If anything you are currently doing does not have selling as its immediate goal, then stop it; you very well might be wasting your money.