Imagination for hire
New Media

Imagine new media and all the opportunities it offers was fully exploited with an exciting integrated strategy able to engage with all your existing customers and create sales prospects in currently untapped markets - try to imagine all this and try hard not to smile.

Life would be easier if...

…you didn't have to source an agency specialising in new media; you need to find an agency as comfortable with pixel as it is with print.

Too many web sites are thrown together with little thought given to what browsers are looking for – it is rarely your life history. Cut the pages, get to the point.

There is no point just having 'web presence', if it ain't selling, it ain't worth the electricity. We know how to sell and what works online; you'd be surprised how simple it can be. Among other things; it just has to change often, stay fresh, on message and understand the changes in your market and how it has to adapt to take advantage – see we said it was simple.

Video is a great way to tell everyone what you do in just a few minutes; we can write the script, shoot the film, add music and the voice over and edit for presentation.

Moving pictures create interest and it really doesn't matter what you sell or what service you offer, we can shoot it and help you sell it.

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